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Six circumstances where payday loans may come in handy

2012 October 11
Posted by LoanStar

Payday loans have been given a bad press in the mainstream media recently for their excessive interest rates and questionable marketing tactics.

However, there’s no denying that for some people – in certain circumstances – payday loans can be a valuable asset to have at your disposal.

Because the best payday loans are easily accessible and you can receive the cash in your bank account within 24 hours, the loans can be a saving grace for those looking for an instant boost to their finances to fund an unexpected outlay.

Here are just six reasons why someone might consider the use of a payday loan.

1. Household bill

You’ve got a leak, a problem with your heating or your water seems to have been turned off. These are just some of the problems that you could face as a homeowner and ones that need urgent attention from specialist engineers, plumbers or professionals – all of whom will be expecting to be paid!

2. Car repair

Your car has broken down and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Why? You use it to travel to work or take the kids schools – it has become essential transportation and must be fully operational.  Depending on what ought to be repaired, the bill will may need to be paid promptly.

3. Rent

The Landlord is putting you under pressure to pay your rent and you could face eviction if the bill isn’t paid on time. Taking out a payday loan to cover the expense would certainly be better than being chucked onto the streets, wouldn’t it?

4. Medical or dental bills

Whether you’re undergoing treatment under the national health service or enlisted with a private alternative, you may need to pay considerable expense for an urgent operation. When cash is hard to come by, a payday loan could be a viable option.

5. Replenishing the fridge

If you’re someone who looks after a family then you’ll know how vital it is to put food on the table.  The bigger the family, the more expensive it can prove. With this in mind, taking out a payday loan could be an excellent way of funding a small cash boost to cover the weekly shopping budget.

6. Christmas shopping

It’s arguably the most expensive time of year – Christmas. You want to reward your loved ones with gifts but simply can’t afford it. Why not take out a payday loan and take on some extra hours either during or after the holiday season to cover the cost.

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